Pray With Purpose this June

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 1, 2012 in General

Please join us on the first Friday of each month as Plant With Purpose’s international family lifts up the work that God has called us to participate in through prayer.


We praise God for:

  • The turnaround in cassava crop production following a tough year of disease and small yield.  

We pray for:

  • Wisdom and patience as we plan for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins in July.
  • Our communities as they begin to work with a business development consultant in July who will be looking into opportunities for cassava processing, expanding markets, and increasing production. Cassava is a very popular crop in Burundi, and we’d like to help farmers receive a competitive price for their produce. 
  • Safe travels as our agronomy staff travels to Malawi for a two-week training on agro-ecology. Please pray that they will learn useful skills and techniques that will have a large impact on the farmers within our communities.  

Dominican Republic 

We praise God for:

  • The success of the church led literacy project. Please pray for the next cycle, which begins this month. 

We pray for:

  • The upcoming workshop that will establish Leadership Schools in regional churches.
  • A smooth transition from the traditional credit associations to Village Savings and Loan (VSLs) in the communities of Aguacero and El Yujo.
  • The newly elected President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, to govern with wisdom.
  • Increased opportunities for growth and development along the Haitian/Dominican border.
  • God’s strength in establishing new farms in Hondo Valle.


We praise God for:

  • A strong end to the fiscal year.  

We pray for:

  • A fruitful new fiscal year. Pray for more opportunities to grow and develop and that we will be more efficient in accomplishing our tasks.
  • Continued unity and motivation amongst the staff.
  • A successful beginning to the Village Savings and Loan program.


We praise God for:

  • His provision and faithfulness to this program. 
  • All of the donors who support this ministry.
  • Our staff and the team of promoters. 

We pray for:

  • The peaceful elections of deputies, senators, and the President that takes place on July 1, 2012. Pray that these elected authorities will be just.
  • The expansion of Village Savings and Loan groups and that this change will contribute to the transformational development of communities.
  • A culture of conservation in our farming communities and that this culture will lead to the restoration of land and stewardship of the earth.
  • God to bless the churches, their pastors, and congregations in their work of holistic ministry.
  • Rain, so that there will be no lack of water.


We praise God for:

  • The success of the VICOBA (Village Community Banking) program and the renewed interest and enthusiasm in the project. 

We pray for:

  • Wisdom in the budget writing and planning process.  Due to all our work last year in building up the VICOBA program, we now have a long waiting list of new communities hoping to join our work, but our resources are limited.
  • The Tanzanian agronomy staff who will also be traveling to Malawi for a two-week training on agro-ecology. Please pray that they will learn useful skills and techniques that will have a large impact on the farmers within our communities.  


We praise God for:

  • The successful Holistic Development training program for church leaders, pastors, and Plant With Purpose students. 
  • Three pastors from Burma who will go back to their communities to promote the role of the local church in community development.
  • The two students from Plant With Purpose target areas who will be going back to work with their churches and communities.
  • The successful implementation of the Women’s Literacy pilot project in three villages and the expansion to nine communities. 

We pray for:

  • The training of volunteers for the upcoming Women’s Literacy project in nine additional communities.
  • The preparation for July’s Holistic Ministry Core group meeting, which will review the strategies and implementation of the Church and Community Mobilization Process that took place in the northern part of Thailand over the past 12 months. 
  • Plant With Purpose staff and local farmers’ safety and work on agroforestry, upland farming, and backyard agriculture projects during the rainy season. 
  • The preparation of the Village Savings and Loan (VSL) pilot, specifically the translation of the VSL manuals and the selection of a field officer.
  • Eight provinces in northern Thailand where the government has a policy to plant trees because of past flooding. Pray that God will lead the officers and local people to work together.


We praise God for:

  • Our supporters as they continue to invest in the lives of the rural poor and make the work of Plant With Purpose possible. 
  • Interns who believe in our mission and give countless hours helping us to accomplish daily tasks and department goals.  

We pray for:

  • Executive Director Scott Sabin and Corbyn Small’s upcoming meetings in Colorado. 
  • This summer’s Vision Trips—safe travels, that relationships will be established and future growth will occur in the programs through partners visiting the field.
  • A strong end to this fiscal year.
  • Armando’s upcoming visit to Thailand.
  • Christi and Bob’s visit to Tanzania and Malawi.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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