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Written by Plant With Purpose on November 1, 2012 in General

Dear Friends,

Isaiah 56:7 says, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” On the first Friday of the month, Plant With Purpose’s international family joins together to lift up prayer requests from each country program. Over the next two weeks, Thailand is hosting the International Meeting with all seven country directors attending. Join us in lifting up their time together in addition to the following requests for the nations.

We praise God for:

  • Success with Village Savings and Loan Associations. The program began in February and there are already 22 organized groups and more that would like training as the time becomes right. 

We pray for:

  • October was the beginning of the planting season, which means a busy time for the Plant With Purpose staff. Please pray for the leadership during this time especially with Country Director Lazare being away at the International Meeting.
  • Rain. Pray that it will come this year and that it will be the right amount of rain for the farmers.

Dominican Republic
We praise God for:

  • The success of the adult literacy program in the community of Loma Verde.
  • The graduation of Village Savings and Loan (VSLA) groups in El Zamo, La Rosa, and Loma Verde.

We pray for:

  • Wisdom as we seek to convert traditional microfinance associations to the savings-led Village Savings and Loan Associations in the communities of La Lomita, La Represa, and La Joya.
  • A new savings cycle of VSLA is about to begin. Pray for wisdom as new individuals step into leadership roles as part of their administrative committees. 
  • The crop diversification program that has been proposed to farmers. Pray that this will help in the production of endemic fruit seedlings produced in nurseries.
  • The farmers in the communities of El Cacao and Zumbador received training in greenhouse production. Pray that that they will implement what was learned during the training.
  • The right amount of rain for establishing agroforestry farms in Hondo Valle.
  • The integration of new volunteers into the literacy project in the, “Church, Community, and Change” program.

We praise God for:

  • His protection as the Haitian staff is safe after Hurricane Sandy.

We pray for:

  • Safe travel for all of the country directors who are traveling to Thailand for the International Meeting.
  • A prompt recovery for all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
  • The VSLA program, that we receive the necessary resources for expansion.
  • The partnership between Plant With Purpose and Project Concern International (PCI). Pray that this partnership will contribute to further development of the VSLA program.
  • Safe travel for Technical Director Bob and Program Officer Milmer as they visit Haiti later this month.

We praise God for:

  • The protection that God has given our staff during field visits. Pray that He restores individual and family’s health in times of sickness.
  • Expansion of Plant With Purpose into the State of Chiapas. We praise God for His guidance and provision during this first phase of work. Pastor Tomas of the Church Smyrna is developing a pilot project for communities in Chiapas.
  • The October Vision Trip and Program Officer Milmer Martinez’s safe visits to our communities and projects.
  • His faithfulness in supplying the resources for the program and for every willing heart that contributes to our cause.

We pray for:

  • The work of the church in the community of La Union. May God bless this ministry with wisdom, and may He continue to nurture the lives that are experiencing change because of this ministry.
  • We pray that local churches will be the main promoters of change in their communities. Pray that God would strengthen and encourage the leaders of these communities specifically the pastors in the communities of Chepejinio, Coatecas High, San Juan Tamazola, Rio Yutanume, and the missions in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas.

We praise God for:

  • The quick yet healthy growth of Village Savings and Loan Association groups.

We pray for:

  • Safe travel for the country directors who are traveling to Thailand for the International Meeting.
  • Plant With Purpose Tanzania staff as they seek to improve group performance as a result of evaluation and setting a development strategy.
  • Sufficient rain for crops especially as drought seems likely to persist in Tanzania.

We praise God for:

  • A successful meeting with the Prime Minister in Bangkok. Continue to pray for suitable policies on land and resource management, and legal status for our farmers.
  • His provision and blessing of the network of Christians within Thailand. Around 300 people gathered at the annual prayer meeting in Fang. We witnessed unity and collaboration among the local churches.
  • The improved legal status process in the Fang district office.
  • The promotion of VSLA to target villages which is developing slowly but showing signs of success. Please keep praying for the VSLA team.

We pray for:

  • There has been some conflict between the old and new leadership of Pang Dang Nok. There is no water for family gardens due to poor management of the village water system and drought.
  • The problem of human trafficking among the Kachin, which has become more serious over the past 6 months. Pray for how Plant With Purpose Thailand should respond.
  • Expansion of a youth leadership development program within local churches and the continued focus on holistic ministry.
  • Our growth strategy and preparation for working within 3-5 new villages and the funding to support our work in northern Thailand.
  • The international meeting in Thailand from November 115, 2012. Pray for safety for the international staff, preparation, discussions, and field visits.

We praise God for:

  • The success of the Planting Hope Gala as funds were raised and the vision of Plant With Purpose shared with an audience of 300+ guests.

We pray for:

  • All those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean and the USA.
  • Preparation for and execution of program the International Meeting. Pray for a successful time together as the country directors gather in Thailand. Pray that this time will bring encouragement, create a platform to share ideas, learn from one another, and continue to build Plant With Purpose.
  • Plant With Purpose will be at a number of churches during the holiday season. Pray that these Alternative Gift Markets (AGM’s) will be successful. And we praise God for the volunteers who make attendance possible.
  • A strong finish to the 2012 calendar year with our fundraising efforts.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We are deeply grateful for your partnership.

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