Prayer Requests from the Field

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 2, 2010 in General

Every month we lift up new prayers and praises from our partners in the field, as well as from our staff here in the United States. Below are prayer requests we received from our Burundi and the Dominican Republic staff. We will continue to post prayer requests this month from our other programs.

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We invite you to join us in praying for these countries.

Prayer for:

-Political stability.  There are still political concerns regarding the fate of the opposition who did Our staff in Burundinot participate in recent legislative and presidential elections. Some of them have fled the country, which might cause problems once again.
-The new government to be more inclusive in order to diffuse political tension in the country.
-Wisdom in dealing with land issues, (an increasingly serious concern).
-Courage and good health for the Plant With Purpose Burundi staff.     

Dominican Republic
Prayer for:

-Pastors to be more involved in the community projects and farmer associations.A church in Los Mogotes
-The expansion and strengthening of Bible study groups in the communities.

-Our spiritual development goals and objectives to be achieved even in the midst of adversity.

-Wisdom for the recruitment of a new Economic Development Assistant, who will help with the prompt procurement of loan payments.

-The authorities in the city council and national congress, so that they work ethically and have a servant heart for the community.

-The development of ecological awareness within the community groups.

-Farmers in the border region to increase their awareness about caring for natural resources and their coffee and fruit plantations, so that their livelihoods will improve.

-The savings and loan groups to be effective and efficient within the communities in the central and border regions.

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