Preparing for Oaxaca

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 22, 2010 in General

PWP supporter Katy Dhanens will be traveling to visit our programs in Mexico on a Oaxaca Vision Trip next week. Plant With Purpose Vision Trips are designed to educate donors on the intricacies of our programs and offer a hands-on experience. Here are her thoughts as she prepares for her trip.

By Katy Dhanens

The proverb, “It takes a village” takes on literal meaning in regards to Plant With Purpose’s projects in the villages in Oaxaca, Mexico.

In pouring through Plant With Purpose reports and resources, I have learned that each ‘success,’ be it a new tomato greenhouse or a successful educational program in an elementary school is the result of many people coming together to pool their God given talents and resources. This coming together essentially creates an integrated network of (economically, environmentally, spiritually based) relationships that transcends political borders and cultural or linguistic challenges. I have found this cooperation and collaboration to be clearly evident in the relationship between Plant With Purpose and its complementary, but independent Mexican counterpart, Misión Integral. Misión Integral, in turn works alongside local churches and schools to impact the lives of individuals and families living in various villages in Oaxaca.

For example, in a Plant With Purpose initiative called “Church, Community, and Change,” local churches are equipped and empowered to become an “agent of positive change” in its surrounding community. I think that to create economic, spiritual, and environmental progress that is sustainable, any sort of initiative or project must be grounded in the local community. Plant With Purpose roots its projects in long-lasting relationships and trust, which then sets the stage for future cooperative action.

This week, I have been inspired by the cooperation and friendship communicated through the blog, the Sower newsletter, and various reports and testimonies. However, I am very excited to see firsthand what I have been reading about. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Oaxaca at the end of this month with Doug Satre and a few members from Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. Although this summer did not turn out as I originally planned, I have found myself in surprising and unexpected opportunities to learn and to serve. Because of this uncertainty, I set my own personal goals for my uncertain summer of 2010—to learn to be patient and to be a good listener. In Oaxaca, I am looking forward to practicing patience and listening as I get the chance to learn from and witness the work of the Misión Integral staff, as well as the individuals who experience change and progress in their daily lives.

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