Plant With Purpose Phraseology: What’s a Watershed?

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 19, 2013 in General

When it rains, water finds natural paths down trails, streets, gullies, and drains, eventually making its way to the ocean. Falling precipitation creates streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and estuaries as water molecules are pulled by gravity and make their way to the sea.

These drainage systems are known as watersheds. All of us live in watersheds and interact with them at different levels for recreation, appreciation, and basic survival.

A healthy watershed with lots of trees looks like this:


An unhealthy watershed with few trees looks like this:


Farmers who partner with Plant With Purpose understand the importance of watersheds. They are their source of water for drinking, household needs, and irrigating crops. Planting trees on strategic hills reduces contaminants, improving the health of these streams, which ultimately improves the health of families, children, and anyone who accesses this water.

In light of World Water Day, we want to encourage you to get to know your watershed. What are some actions we can all take to have a positive effect on our local and global watersheds?

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