Reforestation in the Space Age

Written by Plant With Purpose on August 20, 2013 in General

Would you have guessed that satellites are an important tool to breaking the cycle of deforestation and poverty?

Plant With Purpose is excited to announce our inclusion in SHIM-1, a new program developed by SpaceUnited. Short for Satellite Humanitarian Imagery System, SHIM-1 is a pilot program aimed at “improving global relief efforts by donating satellite imagery” for the purpose of “bridging the gap between organizations and images.” Through SHIM-1, Plant With Purpose will be provided with DigitalGlobe satellite imagery of any location in the world, at virtually any time.

It’s important not to overlook the value of this tool. Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and International Medical Corps, two of the other organizations benefiting from the pilot program of SHIM-1, will be able to obtain near real-time images of human and natural disaster zones, allowing them to coordinate their on the ground relief efforts to the areas they’re needed most.

Plant With Purpose will be able to utilize the information captured in images of the forests and watersheds surrounding our partnering communities to track vegetation changes due to reforestation projects. We already use satellite imagery to monitor tree cover and health in the areas where we work, but the images provided through SHIM-1 promise to be more readily available and of higher quality, and thus will be a valuable tool to improve our ability to track the impact of our programs.

Read more about SHIM-1 and invite your friends to support the IndieGoGo campaign.


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