Revo San Diego’s Hope in Haiti + Plant With Purpose

Written by Plant With Purpose on February 2, 2011 in General

by Corbyn Small

Last Saturday night REVO San Diego, in support of Plant With Purpose’s work in Haiti, drew 200+ people for live music, drinks, dancing, and fun! The ballroom at Claire de Lune’s in North Park was packed and the energy in the venue was running high as the bands Burning Bushes and New Mexico rocked the stage in an epic Plant With Purpose jam session. If you were there you know the good vibes that I am talking about… people were excited to be there and they were enthusiastic to give money to support the people in Haiti. That excitement came through loud and clear as people generously gave a grand total of nearly $3,000 dollars!! What a night it was.

A little background on how REVO came to be. Mid-2009 I got together with a group of folks from different non-profit organizations who were drawn together by Pastor Scott Laughlin at Grace San Diego Outreach, a church here in San Diego. The vision that Scott cast for the group was to create a core group that focused on bringing San Diegans together to support good causes. Since each of us from the various non-profit organizations are so passionate about our work and sharing it with others we all took on the endeavor not knowing just what it might look like. We decided to use the name REVO (see and got together every other week to plan, brainstorm, and share network opportunities that would help us pull off hosting a fundraiser to support one of our organizations. Last year the event supported Street Angels Ministry who works with San Diego’s at-risk youth and we raised awareness and over $1,500 worth of support to boost their street ministry and expand their outreach.

This year, one year after the earthquake in Haiti, REVO supported Plant With Purpose and the families that we work with in over 70 communities in Haiti. Let me just say what a blessing it was for me and for Plant WIth Purpose as an organization to see the enthusiastic support generated by this event!

Thanks to everyone who came out, organized, volunteered, planned, celebrated, and donated in solidarity to empowering rural Haitians with opportunities to provide for their families!

And a special thanks to Scott Laughlin at Grace San Diego Outreach, James Lienhard at Street Angels Ministry, and Jeff Ahlberg at Amor Ministries (all pictured below) for all of their collaboration as the REVO team to pull off another awesome night of selfless support and encouragement.

Special thanks to Cody Small ( for the graphic design work and photography, and to Shaun Boyte ( for additional photography support.

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