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Written by Plant With Purpose on August 28, 2014 in General


By Rylie Shore

Have you ever suffered through a few months or even a few years when everything seems to be going wrong and nothing seems to be stable? How amazing does it feel coming out on the other side and finally finding a solid foundation? Whether it be getting a position after months of job searching, restoring a relationship after years of heartache, or even taking a weekend away to clear your head and relax on the beach, living life with a clear purpose and a sure foundation brings much joy and is something to be celebrated.

As Plant With Purpose reaches 30 years, we want to celebrate both our anniversary and the lives that have been rooted with a solid foundation and restored hope. Through programs that train and empower, partnering farmers around the world have been freed from the bondages of poverty and rooted in the Lord, rooted with economic stability, and have rooted trees and crops to continue restoring the environment and providing for their families. In this three part series, we will be sharing how our three-pronged method of spiritual, economic, and environmental transformation has impacted the lives of international partners. 


Young and full of potential, fifteen year old Sara lost both of her parents unexpectedly, quickly making her the breadwinner for her family. The cooking, cleaning, and cutting grass for cattle no longer brought in sufficient income. After fifteen years of struggling to make ends meet, she found a small glimpse of hope.


Sara Mtui heard about Plant With Purpose’s programs in her small community in Tanzania and decided to join a Village Savings and Loan Association group. The potential for new sources of income pushed her to implement what she was learning, and she quickly began saving, building credit, conserving the environment, and farming organically. As her resources began to compound, she nurtured a tree nursery of over 4,000 tree seedlings. When her family garden produced ripe and delicious vegetables, she was able to sell the produce as well as the seedlings further increasing her financial security.

Continued participation in trainings sparked her interest in entrepreneurship and she began contemplating the skills she could use to start a business. Mama Happy, a woman in her group, was a local tailor who grabbed her attention and Sara soon began shadowing her to learn how to sew clothes. After two years of training, Sara became confident that her sewing skills could fuel a successful business.

To make this dream a reality, Sara took a loan from her savings group that enabled her to purchase a sewing machine and rent a room for her shop. With her small business up and running, her financial concerns began to subside. The added income has provided funds for school fees for her family and by developing her leadership skills she has become a project leader in her savings group. Her long-term investment of time to Plant With Purpose programs has empowered her to utilize her own gifts, while building relationships within her community. Her savings group has helped her find economic stability. “I now know and practice how to keep record of my business transactions,” Sara says. “I have learned to cooperate with people and to solve conflict since I am a leader in my group.”

I now know and practice how to keep record of my business transactions.

It is stories like Sara’s that give us renewed fervor and confirmation that lives truly are being transformed as people are being rooted in economic stability. Over the past 30 years, Plant With Purpose has witnessed countless lives freed from the bondages of poverty and rooted in the confidence that they can provide for their families. Today we celebrate the empowerment of our international friends as they maximize their resources, build their income, and find enduring hope and joy.

To help families stay economically rooted, donate to our thirtieth anniversary campaign and give to grow thirty family farms. Visit for the details and to support others like the Sara.

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