Setting Things Right

Written by Becky Rosaler on February 20, 2014 in General

When Jen Hatmaker spoke at the recent If: Gathering conference in Austin, she dove into the topic of social justice. She defined justice simply, calling it the act of “setting things right.” Her vision for justice left me longing to experience a world set right.


Plant With Purpose’s small office in San Diego is filled with colleagues who are passionate about social justice. Our day-to-day duties focus on helping the least of these and with hearts of generosity, we work to see other’s lives set right. But long ago, I learned that serving others half way around the world was not enough. I needed to love those in my immediate sphere of influence, in my community and my neighborhood. Completing two weeks on a mission trip did not mean the box next to service was checked off for the year allowing me to skip reaching out to those I see daily. If a desire for social justice truly runs through our hearts, it should manifest itself in different outlets in our lives.

The respect that I have for my coworkers continues to increase as we share stories of how weekends were spent or why we’re rushing off after work.

Jimmy has committed his Saturdays to help refugee families in San Diego at the New Roots Community Farm in El Cajon. By getting his hands dirty he is engaging with families who are struggling to put food on their table right here in our neighborhood.

The beautiful weather of southern California has brought many people to San Diego in hopes of making a living, but unforeseen circumstances can leave individuals and families without a stable job or housing. Currently, San Diego has the third-largest homeless population of any U.S. city. Kenzie spends Wednesday nights reaching out to these friends who live outdoors.

In Denver, Corbyn lives at Joshua Station. Joshua Station is a rugged old Motel 6 that has been converted into housing for families who were formerly homeless. There are currently 28 families and 54 children living at Joshua Station. Read some of Corbyn’s thoughts here.

Personally, I get to spend the first Monday of the month pouring into teenagers whose parents are also getting off of the streets through a program at Solutions for Change. By investing in these kids, we’re encouraging a different outcome. Monthly lessons, additional outings, and service projects are helping to set things right for children who have been bystanders in their parent’s circumstances.

Today, on World Day of Social Justice, we want to encourage you to “set things right” in your own sphere of influence. Whether that is smiling at the person next to you, buying someone a hamburger, or spearheading a new organization, start praying for God’s heart for His people.

Plant With Purpose once again has the privilege of sharing our story while at The Justice Conference in Los Angeles this weekend. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook as we share insights and updates from this weekend’s conference!

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