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Written by Plant With Purpose on June 3, 2010 in General

by Corbyn

Over the last year of blogging we have shared a lot of exciting things that are happening internationally in our programs as well as here locally in our San Diego office and across the US. We are excited to say that we have posted over 300 blogs on topics ranging from reports on the relief aid provided by our staff in Haiti, to the ‘Mighty Mamas‘ in our programs for International Women’s Day, or even our own San Diego office’s participation in Bike to Work Day and ongoing discussions about hot topics like ‘bad aid.’

The bottom line is, we have enjoyed bringing these blogs to you and this is a great way for us to keep you up to date with what is going on at Plant With Purpose! Consider it your daily snippet about international development, environmental stewardship, current events both locally and abroad, and just a friendly

ongoing conversation with the development department at Plant With Purpose. If you haven’t subscribed to the blog via email yet, we’d like to encourage you to do so! The email will come daily to your inbox and we promise to keep making the effort to bring you high quality and thought provoking material. Just pop your email into the ‘subscribe via email’ section on the far right side of the blog.

Today we are excited to announce that our partnership with Kellogg Garden Products is off to a great start! As a part of their Earth Rich Initiative, Kellogg has committed to supporting Plant With Purpose’s mission to teach sustainable agriculture, micro-enterprise, and leadership training. Recently Kellogg added a section to their brand new website that has a great highlight of Plant With Purpose. This is a big deal for Plant With Purpose because Kellogg has such a great reputation all across the West as a great family-owned provider of garden products. Their customers understand the connection between the environment and poverty, nutrition, and health. Check out their new site here. We are looking forward to our partnership growing even more in the future as both Kellogg and Plant With Purpose continue to flourish!

Thanks to all of our blog followers! We appreciate your feedback and hope that you continue to share the blog with your friends and family. What do you all think about possibly adding a gardening tip of the week to our blog?

The Development Department (from left to right) Doug Satre- Director of Development and Outreach, Corbyn Small- Outreach Coordinator, Courtney Pate- temporary Development Assistant, Aly Lewis- Grant Writer, Kate Nare (previously McElhinney… congrats Kate!)- Marketing Coordinator

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