Milmer Martinez Vergara

Program Officer

In 2007, Plant With Purpose’s staff welcomed Milmer Martinez as the Program Officer to Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Milmer acts as the liaison to our programs in Latin America, working with local leadership to plan activities, monitor and evaluate our performance, and develop local capacity to facilitate a high impact transformational development process. His scientific background has contributed to the development of systems and processes to manage our growing programmatic needs.

Born and raised in Colombia, Milmer earned an undergraduate degree in biology and a graduate degree in Dolphin Behavior and Molecular Ecology. He has a background in conservation biology and has been published in marine conservation peer-reviewed journals. Milmer joined Plant With Purpose to incorporate conservation biology into our transformational development model as a method to restore and protect natural ecosystems, and consequently create resilient rural communities.

His fluency in Spanish, English, and French is a huge asset in maintaining strong relationships with our field offices and in-county community partners.

Milmer lives with his wife and two children by the sea in San Diego and takes any opportunity to explore his underwater neighborhood. He insists in starting a Plant With Purpose subsidiary named Plant With a Porpoise.