Still Dreaming

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 29, 2011 in General

This Christmas, we were thrilled to share with you the Christmas wishes of farmers from around the world.  Just because Christmas has passed, doesn’t mean these farmers have stopped dreaming.

Bibiana’s dreams for the future remain as vivid as ever. Bibiana is an enthusiastic 11-year-old from the village of La Muralla, Mexico. Her elementary school teamed up with Plant With Purpose to teach environmental education, and Bibiana is one of the star students. She loves learning how to care for the land in her community and is exciting to share that knowledge with her family and neighbors. Bibiana is also helping her family tend to their family garden, something that is improving the family’s nutrition and health.

“We have learned to care for and water the plants from the school nursery,” Bibiana said, “I also planted trees with my mom and brothers. I like working and going to Plant With Purpose workshops because I learn a lot about taking care of plants.”

This season, you can give the gift of a family garden to help families like Bibiana’s to establish and grow a thriving garden. Consider how you can help to change the future for children like Bibiana.

To give toward a family garden click here.

To read more wishes from families around the world, click here. 

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