Students Play With Purpose—and Raise nearly $500!

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 11, 2010 in General

by Aly Lewis

If the thought of being blindsided by a math test leaves you quaking in your sneakers, imagine that same teacher running at you full force, not with a Scantron and #2 pencil, but with a flag and a football. Oh, and

did I mention the screaming?

That’s exactly what happened when Emily Small’s courageous students at Albert Einstein Academy Charter Middle School challenged their teachers to a flag football game last Wednesday night, all in the name of raising money and awareness for Plant With Purpose’s transformational programs worldwide.

Students suited up in war paint (Plant With Purpose temporary tattoos) and kicked off to their opponents. The teachers stepped up to the challenge, demonstrating their athletic prowess—and effective scare tactics—as they bobbed and weaved across the field.

For the halftime show, the students performed skits that illustrated Plant With Purpose’s work of empowering poor families to restore their land and improve their livelihoods, allowing families to stay together and giving them hope for the future. The students also held a raffle and sold food to benefit Plant With Purpose. And they really did their research: the menu included rice and beans, just as they serve in Oaxaca, Mexico, and grilled veggies like in Tanzania—and might I add they were delicious!

Ultimately, the teachers ended up winning the game, but the students were the real winners as they brought in a victory for Plant With Purpose by raising nearly $500 and spreading the word about our work! The initiative, creativity, and heart of these 6-8th grade students certainly impressed me. Thank you to Mrs. Small and her Root (ed) students for supporting Plant With Purpose!

Here are some more photos from the event:

Our awesome announcer shows off his Plant With Purpose tattoos.

The students and teachers give it their all in the game.

The students and Mrs. Small call out the raffle winners.

Yum yum! Oaxacan rice and beans and Tanzanian veggies!

Dedicated Root (ed) students.

The students serving their delicious food. Man, that is a lot of beans!

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