Tanzania Closes Out The Year With Trees

Written by Annelise Jolley on January 9, 2014 in General
Looking for some motivation in the new year? We think there’s no better way to get motivated than a bit of friendly competition. Just ask our partners in Tanzania.

Plant With Purpose farmers in Tanzania had a busy December. While most of us were decorating trees for Christmas, they were planting trees – hundreds of thousands of trees. For the second year in row, Plant With Purpose VSLA groups organized a reforestation campaign in the form of a tree planting competition.

The tree planting campaign, which took place over three weeks and across several communities in the Kilimanjaro region, made quite a splash. VSLA groups planted over 30,000 trees throughout the campaign. The groups also recruited schools and churches from their region to join the effort, and 100 participating institutions succeeded in planting over 235,000 trees! Not only was this massive reforestation effort a significant step toward healing local land, but it was a witness to the community that planting trees is key in building a stable agriculture economy.

“The desire to heal the land and its people is the main motivating factor of this gathering.”

The winning VSLA group holds up their trophy.

The winning VSLA group holds up their trophy.

The event culminated in an awards ceremony on December 11th. More than three thousand people attended, including Plant With Purpose staff, farming families, partnering churches and schools, and government leaders. Farmers from the Kilimanjaro region brought their organic produce, and the rich display of local produce opened conversations about the importance of organic agriculture and sustainable farming.

The Regional Commissioner of Kilimanjaro, who hosted the awards ceremony, expressed shock at the event turnout. When asked how it was possible to organize such a large group, Plant With Purpose Tanzania staff pointed to the VSLA groups’ commitment to community transformation. “The desire to heal the land and its people is the main motivating factor of this gathering,” a staff member explained.

The group competition has prompted the communities in the Kilimanjaro region to understand the importance of tree planting and organic agriculture. Join us in celebrating the competition’s success, community impact, and hundreds of thousands of trees planted!


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