The Character of a Dad

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 13, 2013 in General

By Madison Swoy

What sets your dad apart? Is it his protective nature? His nurturing side? His strength? His overwhelming love for his children? Plant With Purpose partners with fathers around the world who strive each day to provide strong, healthy futures for their families. We are celebrating dads across cultures this Father’s Day.

A dad expresses the importance of saving during a Village Savings and Loan Association meeting in Burundi. 

A father stands with the tool of his trade outside the family’s house in the border region of Dominican Republic and Haiti. 

A dad stands tall and proud with his family in Haiti. 

The future is in the hands of this father in Mexico. 

This grandfather’s eyes shine with pride as he stands by his daughter and grandchildren amongst the fruit of their family garden in Tanzania.

This dad is learning about fuel-efficient stoves in Thailand. 

Uphold the values that your father has instilled in you and thank him for the protection he has afforded you. Honor him this Father’s Day by giving a gift that will help empower fathers around the world, who strive for the same things your dad aims to accomplish.

Give the gift of economic opportunity. A donation of $50 will provide training and materials for one savings and loan group member in a rural community around the world.

Now that’s something dad can be proud of!

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