The Devotion of Mothers

Written by Becky Rosaler on May 9, 2014 in General
Lucia Lópezbaskets

Lucia selling her baskets to generate income.

When crates, collateral, and coffee are packed in my car for outreach events in Southern California, a certain scent fills the small space. Those little pine needle baskets made in Oaxaca, Mexico share stories of transformation taking place on hillsides a country away. Their craftsmanship, creativity, and smell remind me of how Plant With Purpose is empowering women in Mexico, women like Lucia Lopez.

Lucia dedicates much of her time to the handicraft projects that Plant With Purpose introduced to her community of El Oro. Her husband participates in efforts to reforest the surrounding hillsides. They both hold a deep understanding of the environmental benefits these pine trees provide and work to protect them from damage. Through a workshop on basket making, Lucia expanded her repertoire of designs and learned new weaving techniques. She also enjoyed the interactions during the course with women from El Oro and surrounding communities.

Lucia López group

Women gather at a Plant With Purpose handicraft workshop in Mexico.

Lucia reminds me of young mothers in the United States. She’s planted a garden to provide healthy meals for her three children. She is smart with her money, saving cash because of the vegetables she grows. Her baskets generate income. Because of these two activities, she is able to buy household staples like soap and other kitchen necessities. Lucia is also able to buy school supplies to equip her children to succeed at school. Her prayer requests mirror those of my friends who are young moms – prayers for safety, good health, and promising futures.

Lucia López image013

Lucia and the pine trees that sustain their family.

This Mother’s Day consider helping women like Lucia in honor of your mom. Our Empowering a Female Farmer Gift of Hope equips women around the world to provide for their children. A donation of $25 will go toward our international program where women receive handicraft training, gardening skills, and knowledge on money management.

And to all you moms out there, happy Mother’s Day from Plant With Purpose as we celebrate mothers both near and far.

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