The Gift of Nutrition

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 21, 2012 in General


High in the Pare Mountains sits the small community of Mg’ende, Tanzania, where 300 households struggle to meet their daily needs, dependent on what little food they can grow from farming the deteriorating hillsides. In response, Plant With Purpose Tanzania has provided Mg’ende community members with chickens-typically 6 hens and a rooster per household. One recipient is Wema Maziri. Wema and other children who’ve been orphaned by the HIV and AIDS epidemic are thankful for these clucking sources of food security. Wema shares, “I received 5 chickens, but now I have 12. These chickens produce 18 eggs a week, and I am able to sell each egg for 20 cents.”

With the money Wema earns from her chickens, she has been able to afford her own school supplies and school uniform, which allows her to stay in school and dramatically improve her future!

This Christmas, you can help provide healthy sources of nutrition and a stable source of income to others like Wema by giving one of these gifts in honor of cherished friends and family:

Clutch of 5 Chicks ($10)
Chickens provide families with a sustainable supply of nutrition and income. Eggs provide much-needed protein for hungry children and can be sold at market. Your donation will purchase 5 chicks and care training for a family in need.

Get a Goat ($50)
Goats provide families with rich and nutritious milk for hungry bellies. With a goat, parents can provide a source of food for their children and sell the surplus for much needed income. Your gift will purchase one goat and training in its care for a family in need.

A Family Garden ($50)
A family garden is sustainable hope for a poor family. Vegetables add nutrition to family diets and provide income. Your donation will help a family plant a garden and provide training in sustainable gardening methods.

Purchase a Piglet ($75)
A pig is the perfect present to provide protein and income for a family in need.

Thank you for providing hope to those in need this holiday season!

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