To Dominican Republic and Beyond!

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 30, 2010 in General

By Corbyn Small

I am particularly excited and especially busy this week as I prepare to lead a group of individuals on a Vision Trip to see some of our programs first hand! In six days I will be heading to the Dominican Republic with a group from the Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe. They are going to learn more about how Plant With Purpose works and how they can return to the U.S. as stronger advocates to their friends and families about how Plant With Purpose’s Dominican program is making a difference for so many.

I would appreciate your prayer and support, as we will be gone from July 5th-12th. It’s going to be hot, sticky, and loaded with insects that love the sweet nectar of my blood, but I am so excited to meet my Dominican co-workers, learn so much more about our programs in the country where Plant With Purpose was founded, and hear wonderful testimonies from farmers who are providing better lives for their families. I wanted to share one of those testimonies with you now and I can’t wait to share more upon my return!

Cristiana Polo Luis and her husband, Milciades Medina, have four growing children to support. Through the help of Plant With Purpose, Cristiana has seen her and her family’s lives transformed! Cristiana owns a small clothing business that has been greatly improved through Plant With Purpose. In 2005 Plant With Purpose first began helping Cristiana with a loan, and since then she has increased her income, finished building her home, and has seen her children’s lives improved immensely. Plant With Purpose also helps Basima (the community where Cristiana and Milciades live) as a whole, and has helped the community construct a new drinking water aqueduct and plant a variety of trees in reforestation efforts.

Cristiana and her family have received great benefits from Plant With Purpose materially as well as spiritually. Cristiana now prays that Plant With Purpose continues helping the community and that God strengthens her and her community spiritually. Plant With Purpose also has supplied her local church with much needed Bible study materials.

Cristiana says, “Thanks to Plant With Purpose my family is more fulfilled, I finished building my house, and my business is much larger!”
Some things we’d love you to join us in prayer for:
  • safe travels to Santo Domingo and north into Piedra Blanca
  • great group dynamic, open minds, flexibility and celebration of cultural differences
  • continued growth and blessings for each of the communities we will visit: Basima, El Café, La Represa, Los Arroyones
  • a growing understanding of God’s grace, love, and the work He is doing in the hearts of the Dominican staff and farmers, as well as in our own hearts as we visit.


Corbyn Small serves as Plant With Purpose’s Outreach Coordinator. He cultivates relationships with donors, churches, artists and musicians to generate interest and enthusiasm for Plant With Purpose’s life-changing programs. He is also responsible for the volunteer and intern opportunities in the Plant With Purpose office.

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