Transformation in Tanzania!

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 23, 2010 in General

Plant With Purpose programs officer, Sarah Ferry, recently returned from a visit to our programs in Tanzania and Burundi. Those of us in the US office had the privilege of hearing about her trip today as she shared her beautiful photos and encouraging testimonies.

Here is one story of transformation from Sarah’s visit to the village of Komolyongoe in Tanzania:

Elli Masia joined the Plant With Purpose Village Community Banking (VICOBA) group in 2007. She is 57 years old and lives in the community of Komolyongoe. Elli has been involved with bio-intensive agriculture (double dug raised vegetable beds), which has increased her vegetable production and created surplus for her family to eat as well as sell.

Through VICOBA Elli has received loans to send her children to school and loans to improve her business. She received a business loan of $38 and bought feed for her chickens. After their growth she was able to sell 12 chicks for approximately $8 each. After repaying her loan she had made a profit of $58. She then received a second loan for $115 that she used to purchase more chickens and a calf. When the calf grows into a bull she will be able to sell it for $380.

Elli says it is not only her income improving, but also her diet has improved greatly because she is now able to buy more diverse foods and is able to grow more at home. She has also reinvested the income from her vegetables into her livestock to keep her business growing.

She is grateful for the economic security she has experienced since joining the VICOBA group. With her savings, she is able to handle any problems that may arise. She no longer has to depend on neighbors or family for support, and never has a problem sending her children to school.

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