Transformation in Thailand!

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 5, 2010 in General

SAWAT DEE! Greetings from Panasawan, Thailand! Plant With Purpose is working in Panasawan to provide the community with relevant and sustainable options that address issues of poverty, lack of citizenship and related rights, and the loss of access to and degradation of forests and fields.

Read how Plant With Purpose is transforming lives in the village of Panasawan…

Jayaw Licha is a dedicated farmer with a wife and a child. With the help of Plant With Purpose, his entire family has seen great transformation in their lives! Plant With Purpose taught him sustainable agriculture techniques, such as interplanting crops with trees and using organic fertilizers and pesticides, which he applied to his farm.

Now his thriving farm produces an impressive variety of food year round—coffee and tea, corn and beans, mangos, bananas, and pineapple, just to name a few! His land produces enough to feed his family and he sells his corn for extra income. In fact, his farm is doing so well he no longer has to leave his community to work as a day laborer to support his family!

Jayaw and his son.

Terraces on Jayaw’s agroforestry farm.

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