Upgrade Your Commute by Downgrading to TWO Wheels

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 16, 2013 in General

This month we take to 2 wheels in celebration of National Bike Month. May showcases the bicycle, the world’s most widely used and economical mode of transportation. Riding your bike doesn’t have to be a thing of the past, use tomorrow to make cycling a bigger part of your future. 

Friday, May 17 is Bike to Work Day, so inflate your tires, polish those rims and hit the streets! Rides and events are taking place all across the country to embrace a collaborative environmental consciousness that promotes wellness and social awareness. Since the largest source of air pollution in the U.S. comes from automobiles, consider adopting cycling into your commute and reduce the 3.6 pounds of pollutants per mile emitted to the atmosphere by cars. Charles M. Shulz said, “Life is like a 10 speed bicycle, most of us have gears we’ve never used.” Plant With Purpose wants to encourage all of us to explore the “gears” not used, and together we can support a healthier environment.

Be safe. Have fun. Check out these links:   
Bike safety and maintenance: 
ABC Quick Check  

Make sure you’re following the law:
Rules of the Road

San Diego Resources: 
Register and be entered for raffle prizes, check out businesses that are hosting Pit Stops, learn about taking public transportation for free at

If you have to drive tomorrow, off-set your carbon emission by planting a tree or purchasing a fuel-efficient stove. And drive with caution as you might see more cyclists on the roads!

Happy riding! 

Image of a boy riding his bicycle in Burundi. Originally posted May 2012. 

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