Videos from Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on May 10, 2010 in General

We want to share some clips of our Plant With Purpose staff in Haiti and the farmers they have been working with before and after the earthquake that struck on January 12th of this year. A lot has changed for thousands of individuals who work and live in rural regions outside of Port-au-Prince. Household sizes have nearly doubled. Food scarcity, which was a problem before the quake, now puts families at greater risk of malnutrition. Issues of health, sanitation, and deforestation continue to rise as marginalized families struggle to survive. Despite the reports of destitution and poverty, there has been a very consistent theme throughout Haiti’s arduous history; it is that Haitians are resilient and courageous and will pick themselves up, dust one another off, and continue living their day to day life. They will continue to help their communities rebuild, offer a hand to their neighbor, and look for ways to provide for their families.

In this video you can hear our Technical Director, Bob Morikawa, in the background as he surveys land in Martel, Haiti that is being prepared for planting season. Plant With Purpose has been able to employ 135 teams of 20 that have been working two week shifts to build soil erosion barriers that will protect trees and crops while helping to restore watersheds as well.

On the side of a Health Clinic in Cherident, a choir group practices for the upcoming Easter Sunday Service:

From the United States Plant With Purpose staff we would like to say to our co-workers in Haiti just how proud we are of your ability to respond as leaders in your communities. You are continuing to bring hope and opportunity to your neighbors and your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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