Village Spotlight: Moren, Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 11, 2010 in General


Population: 1,000

Location: 40 miles southwest of
Port au Prince 72* 43’ 08” W 18* 20’ 60” N

Average Annual Income: $400

The farmers of Moren spend most of their lives traversing their steep hillside farms—farms almost too steep to imagine. Farmers toil and hoe their farms in isolation, with the houses of this dispersed community as far as two kilometers apart. Water is scarce as well—another two kilometers and an hour walk away. From their steep hillside plots, farmers make their living primarily from agriculture and grow corn, beans, yams and bananas, which they sell in the market. In turn they buy rice, cooking oil and soap.

After the devastating earthquake on January 12th, most families can barely afford two meals a day and rarely eat meat. Plant With Purpose comes alongside farmers in Haiti by providing training in soil conversation and reforestation techniques, credit to help give farmers a leg up, support to churches to help them better meet the needs of the community, and livestock and veterinary care to ensure and enrich the value of precious animals.

Click here if you are interested in sponsoring the village of Moren for $30 a month. All recurring donations will be matched for the first year!

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