Village Spotlight: Nuxiño, Mexico

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 1, 2011 in General

Population: 350
Average Annual Income: $300

Nuxiño is the capital of the municipality of one of the larger communities where we work. As a local capital, the area has schools up to the secondary level, a jail, and a health clinic. Although community members have access to more services than many of the farmers in more isolated communities, poverty and environmental degradation are critical problems that threaten the very livelihood of the people of Nuxiño. To the north, the land is dry and barren; to the south, there are thinning pines. Without adequate access to water or proper forest management, the people of Nuxiño will become further entrenched in desperate poverty.

Plant With Purpose’s life-changing projects in Nuxiño include soil conservation, credit cooperatives, reforestation efforts, community tree nurseries, church partnerships, and handicrafts, and are designed to help farmers care for their land, provide for their families, and build a better future for their children.

One farmer from this community, Octavio Pérez García, has been doing a lot of shepherding thanks to Plant With Purpose. He is involved in a Plant With Purpose sheep project that has helped his family by providing nourishing milk, dairy products, and wool to use and sell. Additionally, Octavio helps lead an after school children’s club where he teaches biblical values and encourages children to be good stewards of the gifts they’ve been given.

Octavio says, “It gives me great pleasure to work in the kid’s club with the children. Currently, I have a group of 13 children. In this club I promote the values and stewardship of Creation. Together, we collected garbage around the river of our community and also made signs telling people not to litter. I take great care of my flock of sheep that I received from Plant With Purpose, and I think about the children of the club as a little flock that I look after as well.”

You can partner with Plant With Purpose to plant hope in Nuxiño. Click here to learn more about sponsoring this community.

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