We Did It!

Written by Plant With Purpose on July 6, 2011 in General

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve met our matching grant campaign goal! Over the last few months, thanks to your generous support, we have raised $75,000 — an amount that is doubled thanks to a group of generous supporters who have matched this amount dollar for dollar. This means that with your support we raised a total of $150,000!

All gifts will go toward the greatest needs in our programs in Burundi, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania, and Thailand. Your support will empower communities to use their talents and resources to meet their basic needs, generate a stable income, and foster a community spirit that will lead to restored relationships and lasting transformation.

With $150,000 we can:

  • Plant 150,000 trees to reforest barren hillsides and restore watersheds.
  • Build 5,000 fuel-efficient stoves to reduce firewood consumption and improve health by reducing smoke.
  • Build 3,000 family gardens to provide families with important source of nutrition and additional income through the sale of vegetables.
  • Build 500 sanitary latrines to improve the sanitation of community water source and reduce waterborne diseases.
  • Provide 300 small business and financial management workshops to help develop alternative sources of income.
  • Build 150 rainwater cisterns for farmers to collect water during the rainy season and use them for household and agricultural purposes.

THANK YOU for your continued support of Plant With Purpose and our rural partners in helping us reach our goal!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in our matching grant campaign, it’s still not too late to donate! Help us continue making an impact in the lives of rural farmers and their families by funding our programs in the field. Click here to view all of our projects that need funding. Or, you can sponsor a village for $30 a month to transform the lives of an entire community. Click here to view all of our villages that need sponsorship.

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