Welcome, Kelsey!

Written by Plant With Purpose on June 1, 2011 in General

By Kelsey Brown

Hello friends and supporters of Plant With Purpose! My name is Kelsey Brown, and I couldn’t be happier to join the Plant With Purpose team this summer as the Public Relations and Events Intern. I am currently a senior at the University of San Diego studying International Relations. I’m an avid runner who loves all things outdoors, organic, and Oprah. You can also find me sharing recipes and stories for a healthy and grateful life at Happyolks.

I discovered Plant With Purpose a year after moving to San Diego for school and immediately fell in love with this organization’s approach to solving issues of poverty by addressing the underlying problems of transnational environmental degradation. Tree planting, micro-finance, sustainable agriculture, and spiritual encouragement are initiatives that independently are critical to the development of the developing world, but when combined, they become an amazing catalyst for change and progress.

I’ve been blessed to spend an extensive amount of time in Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and I have seen firsthand how this unique combination begins a chain reaction of healing for all parts of the community. I believe that the holistic approach of Plant With Purpose should serve as a model and inspiration to all burgeoning and eager change-makers who are seeking solutions to promote sustainable economic activity, and reverse the perpetuation of poverty and dependency.

I look forward to assisting my mentor, Kate Nare, organize the annual Planting Hope Gala, connecting with supporters and advocates (like you!), and developing a greater presence through social media outlets to share this amazing organization with the world.

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