What Hurricane Tomas Means for Haiti

Written by Plant With Purpose on November 5, 2010 in General

by: Brittany Sheppard, PR & Events Intern 

With the fear of Tropical Storm Tomas at hand, a fragile Haiti faces a new onslaught of threats. One ramification of the storm is the potential destruction of what already lies in states of poor condition. It has been estimated that heavy rains may produce up to 10-15 inches of rain, which has the potential of washing out roads, buildings, and lands in Haiti. With deforestation being a severe issue in Haiti, the risk of mudslides also looms. The rains will ultimately put a tremendous strain on the more than one million people who currently live in makeshift tents built after the January 12th earthquake, nearly 11 months ago.

Flooding is also anticipated to worsen the already poor sanitary conditions of Haiti, which opens the door to threats of illnesses such as cholera. With an estimated 442 cholera deaths in Haiti, in addition to the nearly 6,000 people infected, the dangers of this waterborne illness may increase with the impending contamination of flood waters.

Preparing for such an emergency requires finding more shelters for those who have been displaced by the earthquake and relocating what is hoped to be stronger camps to safer areas. With efforts focusing on helping the earthquake victims rebuild their lives and on tending to those infected by cholera, providing the necessary resources in response to the storm will create yet another challenge. But help through a diverse set of channels, like that of Plant With Purpose, is already in place in Haiti and it is our hope that this focused energy will help Haiti carry on and endure. We have heard from our staff in Haiti that they are ok and are preparing as much as they can for the rains by tying up their animals and closing up their homes.

Please join us as we continue to pray for the safety of those in the Caribbean and that relief is swift and effective.

(Photo Credit: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

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