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Written by Plant With Purpose on April 6, 2010 in General

by Corbyn

It’s been just over a year that Plant With Purpose has been providing daily snippets about our programs, current events, and relevant updates via this blog! So today we took a picture of our crew so you (the reader) would have a better idea of who’s posting and what’s our job here at Plant With Purpose.

Plant With Purpose’s office is split up into a few sections and departments. Our programs team works as liaisons to our field staff and partners internationally. The Finance and Administration Departments are the nuts and bolts that work behind the scenes holding this whole organization together. We in the Development Department are the team that brings the stories, reporting, and press releases about the great work Plant With Purpose is doing abroad. From left to right in the photo above; Doug Satre, is our fearless Director of Development and Outreach, I am the Outreach Coordinator, Courtney Pate is our newest part time addition as our Development Department Assistant, Aly Lewis is the Grant Writer, and Kate McElhinney is our Marketing Coordinator. Each of us are dedicated to furthering Plant With Purpose’s mission to restore relationships between people, God, their community, their environment, and their economy. We hope you enjoy getting a better insight into the transformational process that makes up Plant With Purpose. We are excited to see our blog traffic and subscriptions growing and thank you for sharing it with the folks in your life that you’d like to connect to Plant With Purpose! If you don’t already receive this blog to your inbox and are viewing this online, subscribing is easy. Just pop your email into the box to the right that says ‘Subscribe via Email’ and you can get a quick daily peek into what’s going on at Plant With Purpose!

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