Why did the chicken cross the road?

Written by Plant With Purpose on September 21, 2011 in General

To get vaccinated, of course!

Today I am pleased to share an inspirational story from our program in Tanzania. Plant With Purpose has helped start over 70 village community banks (VICOBA) in Tanzania. These groups have dramatically improved the lives of their members and of the community as a whole. With their savings, community members are able to start successful businesses, which create new jobs, and interest raised by the group stays in the local community, rather than being transferred to a bank far away.

But one of the highlights in our VICOBA program this year wasn’t necessarily economic. Several VICOBA groups across the community came together and launched a program to vaccinate all the chickens in the area. This is one of those success stories that come out of VICOBAs where people shared their challenges with each other, realized that they all had a common problem and then stepped up to solve the problem together as a community.

Plant With Purpose joined them by offering 7 trainings to VICOBA groups on chicken management and by placing a large focus on chicken raising and animal husbandry throughout the year.  Healthy chickens provide families with protein-rich eggs and meat that can contribute to better family income and nutrition. 

Now that’s something to get egg-static about.

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