“Without Water There Is No Life”

Written by Plant With Purpose on March 22, 2012 in General

Happy World Water Day! Today is the day to pause and reflect on our global consumption, current practices, and the future of this commodity: water. Let’s face it, we use a lot of water—to drink, to shower, grow food, to wash the dirt splotches off our cars. We all leave a water footprint wherever we go, and it appears that our feet are getting bigger!

For many of the world’s poorest people, their very survival is contingent on the health of their environment and access to water.  Of course the same applies to us, but in a much more removed way.  It’s easy to forget that our bottled water actually comes from a stream or our prepackaged food is actually grown in this thing called soil. 

Plant With Purpose recognizes this growing footprint and is taking active steps every day to organize long term, large-scale restoration of ecosystems impacted by water concerns while providing for immediate water needs.

Communities faced with water scarcity are forced to send women and children on dangerous roads to local springs, often hours away, to collect water in buckets. Estilis Senat, a member of a community in the region near the Haitian-Dominican border, whose land has been ravaged by deforestation and water insecurity, remarks that “without water there is no life.” 

Plant With Purpose has partnered to build multiple rainwaterharvesting cisterns in Estilis Senat’s community and ones like it. Cisterns provide a steady, consistent water supply by collecting large amounts of precipitation and water runoff from the roofs of hillside homes. By increasing a community’s access to water, power is brought back into rural communities as they are equipped to make a significant contribution toward reversing the current cycle of deforestation, erosion, and poverty. Each cistern has the capacity to hold 16,000 gallons of water, providing enough water for household and community use, eliminating the need for farmers and their families to spend time collecting and transporting water, and providing them with additional time to be spent improving farming techniques, engaging in community development, and implementing reforestation efforts. 

Building new cisterns, along with improving farming techniques, are just some of the ways Plant With Purpose empowers the rural poor to improve the quality of their soil, protect their natural resources, bringing water—and life—back to their communities. 


Have a wonderful World Water Day!

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