World AIDS Day 2012

Written by Plant With Purpose on December 1, 2012 in General

By Natalie Favorite

Today is World AIDS Day. As I am writing this, 34 million people are living with the devastating disease of HIV or AIDS. This World AIDS Day, we recognize the reality that 7,000 people contract AIDS every day—nearly 300 people every hour—but we do not accept that it will always be this way.

This absolutely preventable disease is one of the biggest heartbreaks of our time, crushing lives of individuals, families, and communities. The epidemic has hit Sub-Saharan Africa especially hard, with 23.5 million people living with HIV or AIDS. HIV and AIDS changes the dynamics of entire communities as grandparents are raising grandchildren and young adults are missing from the work force. Where Plant With Purpose works in Tanzania and Burundi, HIV and AIDS is a reality for many.


One way to love affected communities is to help them fight the epidemic. Backyard gardens provide nutritious vegetables for families, which helps those living with HIV and AIDS to remain strong and healthy.

Plant With Purpose is also helping communities through Village Savings and Loan Associations. Groups come together to mobilize their savings by providing small loans to group members to cover the cost of things doctor fees and medicine.

As we see communities in Africa hurting from HIV and AIDS, we also see them coming together. Families like the Kimaros in Tanzania are opening their homes to raise nieces and nephews. We see hope arising as healthy diets provide disease-fighting nutrition. And we see a savings system that helps out in times of need.       


So today, on World AIDS Day, we stand in solidarity with the 34 million people who are living with HIV or AIDS and the millions more who are directly affected by the disease. 

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