We’re looking for talented, passionate people who are energized by our holistic approach to poverty alleviation. If you’re interested in a hands-on internship with a reputable international organization, come join us.


At Plant With Purpose, we seek to connect your education with actual work, and we’re excited to partner with you in the development of your career goals. We open the floor to learn, to question, and to soak it all in (and to have some fun while you’re at it!) As an intern, you’ll spend 12-15 hours a week in our sunny, San Diego office, learning the ins and outs of how an international organization operates. From outreach, finance, and fundraising, to grants, research, and program management, you’ll gain hands-on experience with tangible outputs while working closely with a creative, close-knit team of professionals who are inspired to achieve lasting solutions to rural poverty. Be prepared: this is not your average paper-pushing, coffee-fetching internship.

Our competitive internships are offered three times per year:

  • SPRING: February to May | Open Application Round: December 1-20.
  • SUMMER: May to August | Open Application Round: April 1-20
  • FALL: September to December | Open Application Round:  August 1-20



What does Plant With Purpose look for in an intern candidate?

  • You demonstrate an understanding and excitement for our holistic work
  • You’re a hard worker and have a good sense of humor!
  • You’re interested in a career in nonprofits or social entrepreneurship
  • You demonstrate leadership in your community, campus, or church
  • You enjoy collaborating with a team
  • You have a sincere eagerness to learn
  • You’re teachable
  • You’re creative
  • You think critically
  • And, you want to contribute your unique gifts to further the vision of Plant With Purpose

What is the difference between internships and fellowships?

Internships are offered on a seasonal basis at our San Diego headquarters for undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals in a career transition. Fellowships are 10-12 month positions based in one of our international field offices for post-graduates and professionals.

When are Plant With Purpose internships available?

We offer internships three times per year -Spring, Summer, and Fall- for three to four months at a time, depending on the season. Start and end dates can be flexible.

Is this a paid internship?

While this is an unpaid internship, it is an exceptional opportunity to gain hands-on experience working closely with a creative, experienced, close-knit team of professionals who are inspired to achieve lasting solutions to rural poverty. We can also coordinate with your institution to offer academic credit for your experience.

How many hours per week do interns work?

Interns have the opportunity to spend 12-15 hours a week working alongside Plant With Purpose staff, learning the ins and outs of what it takes to make an international development organization operate, exercising and applying educational background, and building personal and professional experience and networks.

Do interns have to be in San Diego for the internship?

With the exception of research interns, all other interns must be present in our San Diego office. We believe in order for interns to get the full experience, a physical presence at San Diego HQ is the only way to take advantage of everything our internships have to offer.

Does Plant With Purpose provide a housing stipend?

Unfortunately, no. If you do get an internship in San Diego, we can provide suggestions for suitable areas of San Diego to stay for the duration of the internship, however, it is up to the intern to fund their stay.

I’m not a student, can I still apply for an internship?

Absolutely! We have interns of all experience levels and backgrounds. We just ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and contribute your gifts to further the mission of Plant With Purpose.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yep! Please specify in your application email and cover letter which positions you are applying to. Also, don’t forget to provide the necessary documents for each position you are applying to. You may submit one application and Internship Questionnaire for multiple positions.

Can I work another job or take classes during the internship?

Of course! Our internships require a 12-15 hour weekly commitment, which gives interns the flexibility to have a part-time job or take classes on the side.

Does an internship at Plant With Purpose lead to a full-time job?

Unfortunately, the internship program is not set up to automatically move interns into full-time staff positions, however, internships are a great opportunity to become acclimated with our office culture, get to know our staff, and show us your skills and dedication. When full-time staff positions open up, former interns and volunteers are among the first to know.

Does Plant With Purpose send interns to our partnering countries?

Unfortunately, nope. All of our internships are based out of our San Diego HQ. Interns are welcome to attend a self-funded vision trip at any point during or after the internship.

International fellowships are available for 10-12 month assignments for post-graduates and professionals.



We view interns as part of the team and we’re invested in your personal and professional development. We welcome interns to participate in the following to aid in that development:

  • Orientation and lunch with Plant With Purpose staff
  • Program and organizational trainings
  • Spanish lunches
  • Devotionals
  • Professional Development Seminar
  • Strengths-Based Leadership Seminar
  • Nonprofit Database Seminar
  • Q&A panel with the leadership team
  • Informational interviews with staff
  • Community gardening in San Diego
  • Office Happy Lunches focused on cultural sharing and travel

Thank you for your interest in joining the Plant With Purpose team.

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My internship at Plant With Purpose has been both completely captivating and very rewarding. Plant With Purpose welcomes their interns onto the team like they would fellow colleagues. Since coming to Plant With Purpose I have been introduced to some of the most kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and all-around lovely people I have ever met. I feel so blessed to consider myself a part of the brilliant work that goes on in the San Diego office, and around the world. Each staff member is completely dedicated and passionate about the work that Plant With Purpose does, and from personal experience I know that this passion is contagious! Everyone works as a close team, so you will find that you both play to your strengths and challenge your weaknesses, in order to become the most productive team member possible.

As a marketing and outreach intern, I have learned how to write in different styles; for blog posts, for press releases, for social media outlets, etc.  Whether it be writing for social media posts, or talking to the public at environmental fairs, it is easy to stand behind the tenets that Plant With Purpose sets forth. The culture of the organization gracefully balances time spent bonding with colleagues and carrying out productive work.             

-Madison Swoy, Communications Intern

My internship at Plant With Purpose not only cultivated the professional skills I’ll need to work in the nonprofit world, it developed this knowledge through work I felt great about doing. The combination of Plant With Purpose’s incredibly important mission and a work atmosphere filled with genuine and passionate people made it a pleasure to intern with them. The internship program takes a hands-on approach, allowing interns to practice the real day-to-day tasks of a nonprofit office. This has provided me with a wide variety of relevant experiences to mention in job interviews. This approach is supplemented by valuable trainings and career advancement workshops. Interning at Plant With Purpose was the best professional move I have made thus far in my career and is an excellent complement to my degree on job applications. Plant With Purpose cares about its interns and Plant With Purpose’s vision makes it easy for interns to be passionate about the work they are doing.

-Ben Taylor, Grant Writing Intern

I have had quite a few internships in my career, but working at Plant With Purpose is by far the most rewarding interning experience I have had. What sets Plant With Purpose apart is not its extravagant clientele list, or its amazing office location, it is the day to day life changing work that you get to take part in. This is what initially drew me to this organization and this position. But what kept me enthralled through this whole experience is the amazing people who have years of first-hand experience doing the Lord’s work and the opportunity to learn from them directly. As a Christian, this is something I value very much and it is not easy finding an organization that combines these two things: environment and spirituality. From a practical standpoint, I have learned how to write a grant proposal and how to write compellingly. For me, this knowledge is invaluable because I would love to work in the nonprofit sector someday. I also had the opportunity of creating a Wikipedia page for the organization, which looking back is one of the most challenging and fun projects I had the opportunity to work on. Having never written a Wikipedia page before, there was a bit of a learning curve, but it was definitely worth it and something I will add to my resume. All in all, not only has this internship been an amazing learning experience but has also shaped what I will look for in a company. Essentially that is Plant With Purpose by any other name.

-Chris Cunningham, Grant Writing Intern