Juillet Dieufaite’s Story

Partner with us so other families like the Dieufaites can experience transformation.

From financial safety nets to physical barriers like trees that provide safety from storms, Plant With Purpose programs are meeting critical needs. Juillet Dieufaite, father of eight, has personally experienced the difference that Plant With Purpose is making in his community in Haiti. In fact, because of a loan from his Village Savings and Loan Association, he could afford life-saving medical care for his wife as she labored with their youngest child. As solutions are implemented, Juillet gives credit where it is due. He personally thanks the Lord for the hope his family has. “Everything I have done, God is at the head,” he says. “Prayer guides me. … If I succeed at my projects, it is by the grace of God.

Will you partner with us so that other families like the Dieufaites can experience transformation? Their story is one that is repeated tens of thousands of times in our programs around the world. But there are even more families like them who are still waiting for the opportunities that Plant With Purpose provides.

Your support allows them to:

  • Create financial security through our community-based microfinance program.
  • Feed their children as they implement sustainable farming.
  • Dream about the future as opportunities to escape poverty present themselves.
  • Experience the love of Jesus as churches are mobilized to reach their communities.

Thank you for you faithful partnership in the Dieufaite’s story. When I think of them I am reminded of the changes they’ve experienced, but also of the countless other families who have not yet had to chance to use their God-given abilities to thrive. Would you consider making a special gift so that we can respond to them as well?

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Scott Sabin
Executive Director

*Photo of a boy in Haiti who is learning about the love of Jesus because of Plant With Purpose. Image by AaronChang.com.