Plant Trees

Stopping the cycle of poverty and deforestation

Extreme poverty and environmental degradation are directly connected.

We work specifically in places where poverty is caused by deforestation. In poor rural areas, farmers who are desperate to feed their families often turn to cutting trees as a way to clear land to farm or earn income through the sale of charcoal or fuel wood. Yet attempts to grow crops on cleared land are unproductive because the soil’s fertility and ability to hold water are compromised. Deforestation leads to serious erosion, causing soil depletion, water pollution, and increased vulnerability to storms and other disasters. The continued decline in productivity then leads to more tree cutting, creating a vicious cycle of poverty and deforestation. We work alongside farmers to restore their land and anchor the soil through reforestation and conservation techniques. Nitrogen-fixing trees add nutrients to the soil. Fruit trees provide a source of nutrition and income. And forest trees create longevity and improve biodiversity. The end result is increased crop production and improved resilience during disasters—both for today and tomorrow.


Watch “Trees Please” to learn more